Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall, Mark Byron snog?!

christopher mark snog 1

Move over Steven and Kimberly, it seems there's a new budding romance on Big Brother 2014... and it's between Christopher Hall and Mark Byron.

At 6:32AM yesterday morning (Friday), the pair were involved in some supicious fumbling under the covers.

There were sounds of smooching coming from the bed that the pair were sharping as Christopher declared: "My breath smells disgusting."

How delightful.

Evicted housemate Matthew Davies claimed after watching the footage: "It's so cringey. Christopher loved Mark but he told me Christopher wasn't his type."

It's not the first time that Christopher and Mark have been linked.

Former housemate Jale Karaturp, who was evicted in last night's live show, previously claimed in the house that there was “chemistry” between the two.

But as Matthew said, Mark insisted at the time that they were just pals.

“I know you were going only joking but honest to good, Chris [Christopher] was just like a mate,” Mark told Jale after she remarked on the pair’s relationship.

“He said he would go on a date,” Jale informed hm.

Mark replied: “Oh f**k! Not that I wouldn’t but that’s going to make me feel awkward.

“Not uncomfortable, I don’t feel uncomfortable because he’s a touchy feely person and we’re mates.”

He added: “We’re really good mates with him and I just don’t look at my mates like that.”

And Mark joked about going on a date with Christopher: “Fact of the matter is, we’d end up killing each other after two minutes."

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