Big Brother 2014: Petition over controversial Armageddon eviction twist

big brother 2014 Armageddon 3

Big Brother's new Armageddon eviction twist has proven quite controversial.

Channel 5 have confirmed a Big Brother Uk first on Monday night as one housemate will be evicted by the housemates alone.

The remaining group will first nominate face to face and then the housemate with the most votes will be immediately kicked out of the house.

The public will get no say at all in who leaves the house and it's left some fans not too pleased.

Understandably so we say as it could well see a viewer favourite kicked out of the show for good.

It also seems bizarre to give the housemates both the power to nominate and to evict: In the past, similar twists have occurred by allowing the viewers to nominate and then getting the housemates to choose who should be evicted.

Given how much C5 has been plugging the new Big Brother app at every opportunity, it does seem strange that they've not decided to use it for the upcoming twist.

The petition - which you can sign by clicking here - asks for Channel 5 to add a public vote to the twist to decide the outcome of the eviction.

The results of the petition will be emailed to both Channel 5 and Big Brother production company Endemol on Monday morning before the evening's live show.

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