Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 36 recap and highlights

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See all of tonight's Big Brother 2014 spoilers with the latest daily recap of house action.

As Friday’s eviction looms, Ashleigh tells Danielle that she’s “really f**king panicking in case I don’t go” Danielle suggests that the public may keep her in for entertainment value to which Ashleigh retorts, “What f**king entertainment am I providing? Nothing really…I’m not controversial but I’m not nasty” Danielle speculates that Big Brother wouldn’t keep anyone nasty in the House before adding, “Well, mind you…”

In the garden, Christopher tells Helen that he’s “excited about getting out…but that doesn’t mean I want to go…I want to stay!” Helen assures him that he won’t be going. Christopher then suggests that it would be hard for a new Housemate to settle in and Helen comments, “I could never do that!” She goes on to suggest that Marlon will leave next week but that viewers may see his decision to save himself from eviction as playing the game adding, “What’s wrong with game playing? It is a game”

Ash and Winston discuss Marlon and Ash says that “he’s not with us anymore…even though he did that, he had it in his mind that we’d stick up for him anyway…he knows he’s not one of the lads anymore…I feel a bit sorry for him…” Winston adds that “if people hurt me I can be angry with them…why the f**k did he do that? I don’t understand”

Marlon talks to Danielle about some of the Housemates reactions towards him and Danielle suggests that if they “were friends in the outside world, there’s no way they would react like this…what the f**k is everyone getting their panties in a twist for? It’s a game. We’re all here to save ourselves” Marlon adds that “If any one of them had done that, I would have been upset with them for the first day, but the second day? I wouldn’t give two s**ts” Danielle goes on to conclude that he has come out a “stronger person” and won’t go next Friday

For today’s task Big Brother will set Steven a series of secret missions that will target his fellow housemates. Big Brother will instruct Steven via a hidden earpiece. What Steven doesn’t know is that the rest of his housemates are in on it and Ashleigh, who’s also wearing an earpiece, will be told about each of Steven’s missions. In order to pass the task, housemates must correctly predict who Steven will target for each of his not-so- secret missions.

o Steven’s first mission is to perform a sexy dance move for the sexiest Housemate. Both Steven and the Housemates choose Kimberly

o Steven’s next mission is to give an annoyingly long hug to the most annoying Housemate. Both Steven and the Housemates choose Christopher

o Steven must then play a game of ‘Rock, Paper and Scissors’ with the Housemate he thinks is the biggest game player. Steven and the Housemates both choose Marlon

o Steven’s next secret mission is to choose the Housemate he thinks is most likely to be evicted. Both Steven and the Housemates choose Ashleigh

o The Housemates won the task and will be rewarded with a Disco Inferno party

Kimberly reveals to Steven that she has a picture of her ex-boyfriend in the House. Steven demands to see the photo and the couple argue. Helen listens in to the argument from her bed and offers advice to a “fuming” Steven saying she would have done the same thing

As Kimberly cuts up the pictures of her ex-boyfriend, Helen tells her, “You should destroy them…You can always respect him in your mind but while you and Steven are starting out and the bullsh*t that’s already caused problems this week…is it really worth it? it’s not worth the trouble”

During the Disco Inferno party, Steven asks Helen what Kimberly talked to her about. Helen tells him that she asked what she’d do in the same situation and she advised her to “be more courteous to his feelings” Steven suggests that she’s worried that he “won’t let it go” and Helen advises him to “have a good night with her”

Mark speaks to Big Brother about his 70’s clothes and exclaims, “I look like a cross between Prince and Dolly Parton…I absolutely love it…this could be my new look”

Helen and Kimberly talk about Steven. Helen advises, ”He’s scared he’s going to get hurt because your morals are different to his…You’ll lose him if you lie…You can’t see that man again, or you’ll lose Steve” When Helen mentions that she’s cold, Kimberly responds by saying, “I don’t know how to show emotion…”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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