Big Brother 2014 nominations: Helen Wood immune from Armageddon twist

Helen during task 2

Big Brother's face to face nominations take place tomorrow but Helen Wood will be immune.

Big Brother's Armageddon twist begins live on Monday night from 10PM on Channel 5 with one big twist.

It'll see the remaining housemates have to nominate each other live and face to face for the first time this series.

And in a never before done twist, the one housemate with the most nominations will get the boot and be evicted there and then in an instant and surprise eviction.

Not too much is known for sure about the process - such as what will happen if more than one housemate receives the most nominations - but BB has confirmed Helen Wood is immune.

While Jale Karaturp's Killer Nomination tag was relaxed for a twist, Helen's pass to the final is staying in place this week and she won't be able to be nominated (and therefore evicted).

Meanwhile, with face to face nominations live tomorrow, housemates have become suspicious after not being called to the Diary Room today to cast their usual votes.

Speculating over nominations this afternoon, Christopher remarked: "We've only got four girls left... Ashleigh, Helen, Danielle and Kim... that's it.

Remarking how it was quickly becoming a "c**kfest", Steven added: "We've got one girl in the final"

Elsewhere, Ashleigh and Danielle spent the afternoon discussing Steven and Kim's relationship.

"She's certainly come out a lot more," Ashleigh said.

Danielle commented: "I can't say what will happen on the outside, I really don't know.

But if it's genuine and they do really love each other then everything will be fine but this is the last place you want to have a relationship in this house, it ain't good."

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM and live tomorrow at 10PM on Channel 5.

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