Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 35 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's your daily recap of all the goings on in the Big Brother 2014 house over the past day.

During yesterday’s task when nominated Housemates had the option of saving one of themselves from facing the public vote at the cost of this week’s shopping task, Marlon decided to save himself much to the annoyance of all the housemates. Steven tells Marlon that he is “disappointed” and they will speak later in the day after things have calmed down

Mark talks to Big Brother about Marlon and says that he is “disappointed” and that he pities him because he will be alienated from the group. He goes on to say that he doesn’t think the situation will be easily resolved as “other people in the House feel like they’ve been let down by their best mate”

Helen says that she thinks it will “be strange” when she leaves the House and Kimberly admits that she thinks she will “need help” when she goes, adding that “it’s going to be a mess” Helen reassures her that she’ll be fine because she has Steven and that it will be like “a new beginning”

Marlon tells Jale that the current situation is hard and that he wasn’t looking at the bigger picture when he saved himself from eviction. He goes on to say that he realises it was “selfish” and “genuinely didn’t think I’d get that reaction when I pressed the button”. Jale explains that it will be a “hard thing to turnaround”

For today’s task, Big Brother has paired up Housemates up, based on compatibly tests they completed before they entered the house, to compete in a number of games. The Couples: are Ash and Helen, Jale and Winston, Kimberly and Marlon, Ashleigh and Chris, Steven and Danielle, Christopher and Mark

To prove how creative and comfortable they are with each other, one half of each couple must cover themselves in paint and transfer the paint to their other half, without using their arms or hands. Then, they must go to a canvas and spread as much colour on it as possible. The couple who got the least paint on their canvas and are therefore deemed the least compatible were Christopher and Mark, who will not be invited to the party in the evening

Marlon apologies to the Housemates in the garden and says that it was “selfish” to save himself. He goes on to say that he doesn’t expect friendships to be the same but doesn’t want to ruin everyone’s experience. Helen admits that speaking to the group “takes some balls” and Mark remarks that it was “very brave”

Marlon sits alone in the living room after making his apology and is joined by Danielle and Ashleigh. Ashleigh tells him that it was really brave to speak to the House and notes that “decisions in this House rarely ever just affect you, there’s always a knock on effect on somebody else…you’ve sold me out that fu*king door!”

Steven and Kimberly are in bed together kissing and he says that when they leave the House, “no one’s going to see us for about a week”

Winston tells Big Brother that he’s still “pi**ed off” with Marlon and goes on to say that he appreciates his apology but “it’s like losing a girlfriend…you’re really close to someone and then you broke up”

The five remaining ‘Couples’ are called to the Diary Room for the second part of today’s compatibility task. One half of each couple will have to answer a series of questions while their partner is blindfolded and wearing headphones. Both partners need to give the same answer to each question and the couple with the least correct answers will not be invited to the love party later. During the task Danielle gets asked the question - Would any housemate make you question your belief in no sex before marriage? Danielle answered yes as she misunderstood the question. She then gets very upset with Big Brother when she realises as she feels she’ll be misrepresented. Steven is laughing in the background. Steven and Danielle drew with Helen and Ash however, as Helen and Ash did better in the first challenge, they will attended the party

While the winning couples enjoy the love themed party, the other Housemates discuss Helen’s pass to the final. Mark says that he would take the pass away and that she has used it as “a crutch” and will never know how it feels to face the public vote or be saved

Steven tells Danielle that her relationship with Ashleigh means she could leave the House. He goes on to say that everyone in the House respects her. Mark tells her that “we’ve watched you come on leaps and bounds and we will all look after you” if Ashleigh leaves on Friday

Helen remarks that Marlon is feeling “very sorry for himself” and that she “can’t be ar*ed with it…I’ve made effort with him and keep getting one word answers back”

Danielle talks to Big Brother about her earlier conversation with some of the Housemates and says that it’s good to be accepted, “despite my strong morals and beliefs”. She goes on to discuss how people are excluded if they don’t sit in the smoking area and talk about sex, exclaiming, “its bl**dy ridiculous! Where have you got half of these people?!”

Marlon tells Big Brother that he thinks he let his friends down and goes on to say that he wishes he was facing public eviction and if he could change things, he wouldn’t have pressed the button. He adds, “We have to live here together and I just made it harder for everyone to get along…I’m big enough and ugly enough to deal with my actions”

Marlon discusses his feelings with Christopher and speculates that he will be leaving the House next week. Christopher observes that the public may think differently to the Housemates and notes that “you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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