Big Brother 2014: Steven Goode thinks Chris R Wright is up to no good

Chris talks to BB

Steven Goode has a problem with Chris R Wright and he's letting the whole BBUK house know about it.

Well, except for Chris himself.

Speaking to the group earlier today, he complained about the little actor: "I've got a thing about him, I've got red mist. I

" don't trust him, I like him as a person but I just don't trust him, I think he's turning everyone over behind their backs, I hope I'm wrong but I've got a vibe. "

And what was that vibe about? Well it turns out that Steven suspects Chris of doing something quite fiendish.

"I feel he goes to the Diary Room and talks about people," he revealed.

How truly evil.

Steven continued on his rant, with help from Helen Wood who added: "He's very insecure."

"Very, very, very insecure," agreed Steven. "And because of the Power housemate thing... I don't forget things.

"He's not a bad person.. but I am bit wary of him."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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