Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood blasts BB over "degrading" dress

helen wood cry

Helen Wood has hit out at Big Brother over making her wear a "degrading" dress.

Because apparently nothing she's done the the house so far has shameful at all.

Former prostitute Helen claimed that the dress provided for a posh party in the house tonight was "awful" and "disgusting".

Helen, who once sold her story to the world about sleeping with over 500 men, insisted: "I'm not wearing it, I'm not wearing it, nooo! I won't. It's awful! Why have I got that? This is disgusting."

Ashleigh tried to be nice: "It's different..."

But later, Helen was trying on the dress with help from Mark, Danielle and Kimberly.

She complained: "This is really degrading, I cant deal with how I feel right now."

Mark told her: "You look like a princess!"

The party was part of yesterday's couples task with all the housemates but Danielle and Steven getting to attend a posh prom style party in the house.

The task - and Helen's hissy fit - will air in tonight's show on Channel 5.

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