Big Brother 2014 couples given a party... but who missed out?

Big Brother Summer 2014

The results of the latest Big Brother 2014 task are in, and they're pretty controversial.

Yesterday, based on a compatibility test taken before they entered, the Housemates were paired up and compete against each other.

At the beginning of the day the Housemates were given half of a heart-shaped coloured pendant. Housemates determined their pair by matching up their halves of the pendant.

At the end of the day the best-performing four couples were invited to a love-themed party in the Living Area.

The couples each took part in two tasks:

In the Colour of Love, the couples had to paint one another with their bodies, with Big Brother judging which pair has done the best and worst job.

Mark and Christopher failed this task.

Then the remaining five couples took part in a Mr and Mrs-style task about their time in the house: One Housemate had headphones on; the other was asked a series of questions (e.g. Which Housemate do you most want to leave next? Who should have had Jale’s killer nomination?)

The other housemate then took their headphones off and was asked the exact same questions had to attempt to copy the answer given by their partner.

Helen and Ash failed this task.

As a result, neither of Mark, Helen, Ash nor Christopher attended the party.

The remaining four of the best performing couples will enjoy a romantic themed party, with prom-style outfits, heart-shaped food and romantic songs for them to slow dance to.

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