PICTURES! Kimberly Kisselovich, Steven Goode get frisky on BBUK

Big Brother Summer 2014

There's more fumbling under the covers between Kimberly Kisselovich and Steven Goode on tonight's Big Brother 2014.

At the end of this evening's show and with the lights off, Kimberly and Steven’s nocturnal activities are noticed and heard by Ash and Helen in the next bed.

They try and stop each other from laughing but Helen’s curiosity gets the better of her and she climbs out of bed and creeps towards Steven and Kimberly’s bed to get a closer look.

She tries to be quiet but banging her head on his bed alerts Steven to her presence which halts the amorous pair in their tracks.

Before entering the house, neither Steven nor Kimberly said they potentially would have sex in the house.

Big Brother Summer 2014

Steven boasted: “I’m not camera-shy. I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Kimberly added: “That’s so intimate to each relationship so I’ll have to wait and see. Never say never.”

Big Brother Summer 2014

But after getting together last night, this morning (Wednesday), Steven seemed to have some regrets.

“I’m really embarrassed now, it’s bad… well, I’m not embarrassed but like, it’s not like the cameras can see anything, they can hear, but its not like a f**king porno," he told Ash.

“But at the end of the day if we are in a relationship it’s not like a one night stand. And we are in a relationship.”

BB airs at 10PM tonight this evening on Channel 5.

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