Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 34 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

It’s day 2 of Battery Life and the morning after another explosive night: Here's your Big Brother 2014 highlights recap!

Mark talks to Big Brother about the bad atmosphere in the house and how it’s making the other Housemates feel awkward but not Mark, as he says: ‘I very rarely feel awkward cos I’m f**king hard-faced.’ He comments that Helen doesn’t do herself any favours and lets herself down in conflict situations.

Christopher and Winston are invited to the App Zone and are tempted by the Social Media App which will cost them 20% of battery power. They are allowed to ask social media one question each. Christopher asks what the public think of the on-going arguments between Ashleigh, Danielle, Kimberly and Helen. Winston asks: ‘Are you gorgeous girls out there feeling the Winmeister? What you saying, what?’

Mark goes to the App Zone and is offered the Beauty App for 20% of battery life. He enters the beauty salon and appears later after his pampering session visibly darker, showing off his new HD brows.

Kimberly, Jale and Helen are talking about Ashleigh and Danielle with Helen remarking: ‘I’ve exhausted every avenue trying to sort things out in this house.’

Christopher and Winston go back to the App Zone to get the results of their questions to social media. They are told that the public think the arguments between the girls shows hypocrisy and double standards especially as they don’t mind bitching about Christopher. Christopher explains what hypocrisy means to Winston. The public also seem to think that Ashleigh and Danielle have shown themselves for what they really are. Winston gets a good reaction to his question but one person does say that they find his and Danielle’s friendship, ‘cringe.’ Winston says there is nothing between him and Danielle. The next message tells Winston to drop the act and show his intelligence and stay away from the boy band.

The Housemates discuss the public’s comments on social media and Winston assures them that nothing has happened between him and Danielle. Marlon questions him about the footsy incident. Winston admits he might have reciprocated the leg touching but only because he thought it was Mark.

Kim, Ashleigh and Danielle sit down and try and sort things out between them honestly and in a rational manner. Kimberly tells them that if they are in doubt about any of her actions or motivations to come and talk to her. Danielle and Ashleigh say that they don’t find Kimberly and Helen very approachable.

The nominated Housemates are called to the App Zone and all stand in front of buzzers as Big Brother explains the details of the last app, the Safety App. They are told that the buzzers will go live for one minute only, in that time if one of them presses their buzzer they will save themselves from facing the public vote but will drain all remaining power from the generator and will fail the shopping the task. During the minute they can also discuss strategy. Christopher thinks that Ashleigh should press her buzzer as he thinks she is the most at risk of eviction due to the public’s reaction to her, but the general consensus is for no-one to press their buzzers. As the remaining Housemates watch from the sofas, the atmosphere is tense as the buzzers go live. Marlon presses his almost straight away to the shock of the Housemates.

Jale comments that she is not surprised but she would rather face the public vote than save her bacon in the way Marlon has. Mark shouts from the sofas: ‘That’s the coward’s way.’ All the Housemates are angry as Marlon comes back into the living area as Big brother has just told them they have failed the task and now have to live on economy rations. First to tackle him is Mark, who says: ‘You’re safe this week but I reckon you’ve f**ked yourself.’ Mark and Winston agree that Marlon wouldn’t even have been evicted and that they have all made sacrifices things this week for nothing and Marlon has not acted in the best interests of the group as a whole.

Marlon tries to explain himself to Danielle saying he doesn’t care about the shopping and that they have survived on less but he is surprised by people’s reactions. Danielle thinks it’s very telling that people care more about shopping than Marlon staying in the house. She also says that it is a game ultimately and that she’s not sure friends they have made in the house are real friends.

The Housemates are in the garden discussing Marlon’s actions and Mark says: ‘He has sent every single one of us down the river.’ Marlon comes over to the group to try and talk, Winston won’t talk to him so he talks to Ash and asks him honestly if he wouldn’t have done the same in his situation and Ash says no as does Winston. Winston adds: ‘I’d rather you faced eviction like a man.’ Winston asks him why he is so scared of facing the public vote and Marlon says that he thought his friends would have wanted him to press the buzzer to keep him in the house with them. Winston says he doesn’t want to spend another week with him now.

Winston goes to the Diary Room to vent his anger about Marlon, saying: ‘What he’s done is cowardly.’

Jale talks to Marlon expressing her disappointment in him and telling him: ‘It’s the worst thing you could have done dude.’

Steven asks Kim if she thinks he is marriage material.

Winston, Jale and Steven talk about Marlon and Jale remarks that most people would explain away Marlon’s actions by saying he is emotionally immature, but she find him emotionally manipulative. Ash goes to the Diary Room and says that what Marlon did was, ‘the most selfish thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’ He does, however, try and understand it saying people do make bad decisions in life and no-one’s perfect.

Later in the bedroom with the lights off, Kimberly and Steven’s nocturnal activities are noticed and heard by Ash and Helen in the next bed. They try and stop each other from laughing but Helen’s curiosity gets the better of her and she climbs out of bed and creeps towards Steven and Kimberly’s bed to get a closer look. She tries to be quiet but banging her head on his bed alerts Steven to her presence which halts the amorous pair for the night.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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