Big Brother 2014: Bosses worried for Marlon Wallen over twist

Big Brother Summer 2014

Marlon Wallen has claimed that Big Brother is worried about him after last night's nominations twist.

Yesterday evening, Marlon saved himself from eviction but did so at a cost: The house failed the shopping task.

The other housemates were shocked and angry by his decision and it caused him to become quickly hated by almost all the housemates, with only Danielle McMahon actually speaking to him.

He revealed to her: "Big Brother's worried about me, they feel like I'm going to isolate myself from the group.

"In between now and when I do go I'll be on my own, I've accepted that. I will not, not take part in task but I know people will not speak to me. Whatever happens, happens."

He continued: "I have as myself accepted the fact that the majority... everyone bar you and one other person, will not speak to me until I leave."

And Marlon claimed: "I'm a strong, strong believer in you live by the sword, you die by the sword."

Proving Marlon's point, in the next room Jale Karaturp bitched about him (clearly it's okay when she does it, unfortunately for Chris)

"I will keep my distance from Marlon. I've got to remember this is a game and he's done what he's got to do," she complained.

Accusing Marlon of 'emotional blackmail', Jale went on: "I'm not going to give him any friendship.

"He's s**t on us, he's f**ked over people who have not got any food to eat now. I'll try and be respectful and polite but I don't need people like him to be close to me."

Watch the noms twist and fall out in tonight's highlights on Channel 5.

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