Big Brother 2014 bromance is over as Winston loses it with Marlon!

Big Brother Summer 2014

A huge row erupted between the boys in the Big Brother 2014 house this evening.

It's the first major argument between the guys, with most of the clashes so far involving the girls some how.

Earlier in the evening, Marlon saved himself from eviction but did so at a cost: The house failed the shopping task.

Marlon's decision caused anger amongst the group as he waited just 2 seconds to press the button in the task to save himself, unlike the other nominated housemates who waited to discuss what to do.

Ash Harrison and Winston Showan weren't happy with Marlon's actions and made no secret of it.

"I cant believe you've done that," Ash told him.

Winston asked: "Why do you think you should be saved out of those five people?

Big Brother Summer 2014

"I wouldn't have pressed it, even if I thought I was going to go. I'd rather you face eviction like a man with four other people."

Marlon claimed: "I actually thought my closest people would understand why I done that."

Winston repeated: "I'd have never thought to do that, not in a million years.

"You just didn't even discuss it.

"Why are you so worried about facing the public vote?"

Ash replied: "I just can't believe you did it, I don't know what to think. "

Later, with the guys ingnoring him, Marlon confided in Danielle McMahon about his feelings.

He revealed: "We had a discussion yesterday with certain people, and we said, to do things to benefit yourself, not other people.

"I thought the closest people would've pulled me aside and spoken to me. "

Marlon continued: ""I couldn't give two f**ks about the shopping list. We've survived a lot worse on some things.

Big Brother Summer 2014

"I'm just surprised at some reactions. There's no point of explaining it because people have made their judgements."

He added: "They're thinking I pressed it because I wanted no one else to eat, they're only upset because it's gone done [battery].

"People would rather have a shopping list then risk me leaving here."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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