Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Helen Wood, Ashleigh Coyle row blow by blow recap

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a line by line recap of Helen Wood's war of words with Ashleigh Coyle on Big Brother 2014.

In tonight's show, Helen along with Jale and Kimberly get to watch clips from the house, including Ashleigh's private Diary Room chat with Big Brother about Ash.

Helen boasted to the house: “We’ve just watched half an hour or a bit more of gossip in the house.

"Very surprising gossip, it was just two people who have slagged everyone off throughout the house. I’ve agreed not to say anything, I wanted to say something but no.

"Basically Ashleigh is the biggest two faced b*tch sat here. The public have seen what you have said and everyone here is going to see what you have said as well.”

Ashleigh replied: “Get over yourself.”

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen hit back: “Get over myself? I’ve got nothing to get over Ashleigh, you’ve just been exposed for what you are. [Mimics Ashleigh] ‘I’ve got an evil plan against Ash’. And she sits there and goes ‘and I’m really glad it’s all come together’ and smirks at the screen.”

Kimberly added: “Regardless of what’s happened I’m thoroughly happy I’ve seen what I’ve seen.”

Ashleigh told her: “That’s good.”

Kimberly continued: “Yeah it is good. I don’t have hard feeling about it, I’ve seen it, people have come out that’s fine. What’s the big deal?”

Helen went on: “I’m glad you showed your true colours though, it was brilliant, it was immense.”

Kimberly continued: “I hope everyone shows their true colours. I think that’s fine, everyone is going to come out in a different way, so be it.

Mark supported Ashleigh: “If it’s not just Ashleigh then you should say it to everybody that was involved and not just Ashleigh.”

Winston also stood up to defend the 18-year-old: “Don’t just pick on one person.”

But Helen wasn't happy, saying that Winston needed to "shut the f**k up" and Mark should stop "putting his f**king oar in."

Mark responded: “I’m just saying it you’ve just watched people slag you don’t just go for one, go for all of them. You said you haven’t just seen her, you don’t need to just go for her.

Big Brother Summer 2014

“If you walked out saying we’ve just been slagged off to f**k I don’t think anyone would of gone ‘go on say what got said’ you’ve come out laughing going ‘oh its very f**king clear now’. This wasn’t funny to watch.”

Winston added: “It’s the way you’ve done it, you’ve come out and said you’re not going to say anything and then you’ve gone and said bits of it, just say the whole thing.”

Helen spat: “When people are being outed it’s not funny, no one likes being outed for what they are. f*cking hell. It wasn’t supposed to be amusing, was amusing for us to watch though, true colours.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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