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Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's your recap of all of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights...

Day 1 of the new shopping task – Battery Life. The Big Brother House has been drained of almost all power. The remaining power is shown on a giant battery. In order to win this week’s shopping task, Housemates must ensure that the energy on their battery is not drained by resisting temptation and making various sacrifices to gain back power.

First to go the App Zone is Steven and Ashleigh. They are tempted by VT messages from their mums and are told this will cost them 20% of battery life. They say yes and are shown the messages, Ashleigh’s mum tells her that she’s proud of her but must smile more and not isolate herself so much. Steven’s mum gives him a cryptic message about the person who he is closest to in the house and the definition of dating, she also warns him not to let history repeat itself.

They leave the diary room and Steven tells the Housemates about his mum’s message but not in great detail. Steven hugs Kimberly but says before he discusses it in full with her he needs to go to the Diary Room. Kim speculates about the message with Helen and Jale, she seems worried.

Steven goes to the Diary Room and asks Big Brother when the VT of his mum was recorded as this will affect his relationship with Kimberly. Big Brother tells him that the only thing he can be told is that it was, ‘recently.’

Jale comforts Kimberly but saying that Steven does tend to get worked up about things and whatever it is it’s probably miniscule.

Danielle goes to the App Zone and is offered some time with her dog, Coco. This will cost the Housemates 20% but she readily accepts. She is very excited to see her dog and the feeling seems to be mutual with Coco jumping all over Danielle. Danielle says that she has missed Coco, ‘more than she has ever missed anything in her life.’

Ash, Helen and Winston speculate on Steven’s message and what it means in regard to Kimberly’s relationship status. Winston wonders whether Kim’s boyfriend is actually Hugh Heffner.

Steven and Kimberly discuss their relationship in bed. Steven tells Kimberly he wishes she had been more honest and re-iterates that he is falling in love with her but is upset that she has lied to him. Kimberly admits that she was in relationship before coming into the house and would have gone back to it if she had not met Steven.

Ash and Marlon talk about Kimberly and Steven in the garden. Marlon says this is the sort of situation that makes him not get close to girls. Ash says: ‘You can’t f**king trust them.’

Ash, Marlon and Winston enjoy the view from the pod. Winston says he can see a few fit birds.

Kim goes to the Diary Room to discuss what’s happened with Steven. She says: ‘I feel like a horrible person.’ She wishes she had been more honest with Steven and that she lied to protect herself but in doing so she has left herself more exposed. She says that she and her significant other were on a break for the summer and that she didn’t expect to come into the Big Brother house and meet anyone.

Jale, Helen and Kimberly go to the App Zone and are tempted by the Gossip App. This will cost a whopping 40% of battery life but they agree. The VT shows Ashleigh planning Ash’s eviction and her confession to Big Brother about her, ‘evil plan.’ Helen is angry about this and says; ‘Who does she think she is Cruella Def**kingville?’ Helen wants to say something to Ashleigh when she goes out. Jale and Kimberly try to calm her down and think about it logically and not to lash out too much. It also shows Danielle and Ashleigh taking about Kimberly’s habit of constantly asking people if they’re OK. Also shown is Chris saying to Ashleigh and Danielle that Jale is being more foul-mouthed than usual and it’s like one of the un-cool kids now in with the cool kids.

The three girls leave the Diary Room and the Housemates ask what has happened, they laugh and say it was great, somewhat hysterically. Chris asks Jale directly and she ignores him.

Jale speaks to Chris in the kitchen about the VT. She is disappointed with him and tells him if he felt a certain way he should have spoken to her as she is, ‘big enough and ugly enough to take it on the chin.’ She also says that he showed bad judgement in who he chose to confide in.

Helen talks about the argument in the garden with Ash, Steven and Kimberly. She says: ‘I haven’t f**king said enough.’ She also doesn’t like how Mark involved himself in the row saying; ‘Mark needs to shut up.’

Danielle goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother: ‘You’ve set a nuclear bomb off.’ She is also worried about what will happen to her if Ashleigh is evicted.

Helen argues with Mark about her being upset about Ashleigh’s involvement in the girl’s plan to evict Ash. Mark says: ‘You’ve had the last laugh as Ash is still here.’

Danielle, Ashleigh, Kimberly and Steven discuss the Battery Life and Steven says that everyone involved in the task has had, ‘s**t flung at them.’

Kimberly and Steven agree to move on from the day’s turbulence and move on.

Big Brother TXs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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