Big Brother 2014 nominations: Marlon Wallen SAVED from eviction!

Big Brother Summer 2014

Marlon Wallen has been saved from eviction in this week's Big Brother 2014 nominations after a twist.

BB announced the Big Brother 2014 nomination results yesterday evening, revealing that that joining Jale Karaturp (as the killer nomination) were Christopher Hall, Chirs R Wright, Ashleigh Coyle and Marlon Wallen.

But one has now been saved in a new twist.

For this week's shopping challenge, housemates must keep Big Brother's giant battery charged up.

BB have been tempting them over the past two days with luxury items which drain the battery, while housemates can gain charge back by making sacrifices.

Tonight Christopher, Chris, Marlon, Ashleigh and Jale, came to Big Brother’s App Zone.

The five nominated were told that one of them could win safety from the eviction this week, however it would come at a cost of the final 15% of the battery.

Once the one minute countdown started, after 2 seconds, Marlon hit his button. This secured Marlon’s safety from this week’s eviction, however eliminated the remaining 15% of the battery leaving the battery on 0%, meaning that the Housemates have FAILED this week’s shopping task.

It means now that Marlon will no longer be facing eviction, leaving Ashleigh, Christopher, Chris and Jale up for the public vote.

Marlon had been leading our eviction poll to leave but now it seems Ashleigh is a certainty to go.

Paddy Power have made her the odds on favourite, with a spokesperson saying: “With only a week break it looks like yet another girl will be evicted on Friday, and the house is going to start resembling a boy’s locker room soon.”

Who do you want to be evicted this week? Vote in our updated eviction poll here...

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Big Brother 2014 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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