Big Brother 2014 housemates get Murder Mystery shopping task!

Big Brother Summer 2014

This week's Big Brother shopping is a good'un as the housemates take part in a Murder Mystery.

And it's all up to Winston to solve!

At the start of the day the Housemates were provided with vintage outfits and accessories for the task that had been left in the store room.

The Housemates were then gathered, and each was given a pair of headphones. All Housemates hear music, but a secret announcement is made into the assassin’s headphones: Ash, Jale and Steven.

Ash, the head assassin, was called to the diary room. He collected an earpiece so that he can communicate with Big Brother throughout the task.

The assassins will be provided with a number of targets and props to help 'kill' the other housemates.

First, The assassins must plant the ‘bomb’ in the smoking area, and then lure their victims there before going to a bathroom and pressing their ‘detonator’. The smoke bomb will give off red smoke, and it will be announced that the Housemates are dead.

Assassin Steven must enter the bathroom and use a hidden microphone to do a fake Big Brother voice over, calling Kimberly to the Diary Room.

Steven will then exit the bathroom and be led to the Diary Room, where he will hide behind the chair. When Kimberly enters, she will find the whole room, including the chair, covered in plastic. After Kimberly sits down, Steven will pour red gunge over Kimberly, killing her.

Steven will then exit back into the bathroom and then re-enter the house. After Steven has exited, Big Brother will announce that Kimberly is dead. She must leave the Diary Room and enter the coffin.

Later, after bring provided with posh evening attire, the Housemates sit down for a fancy meal around the dining table.

Before the meal, while the Housemates are all enjoying a drink in the living area, the assassins must switch the place settings of 2 Housemates.

These Housemates will have their dessert delivered by the waiter, and when they lift the cloche they will find a gruesome skull with live maggots crawling out of the eye sockets. It will then be announced that this Housemate is dead.

After the meal Mark will hold a séance so that he can speak to the dead. This will be around the dinner table, and Mark will communicate with the dead using a spirit bell, which will ring once for no twice for yes in answer to Mark’s questions.

The dead Housemates will be watching the séance from the morgue, and answer via an earpiece that he will be given.

In front of Mystic Mark will be a Ouija board style panel with the Housemates faces on it. Mystic Mark will then move the glass to land on the Housemate that is the answer to his questions.

Finally, The Housemates will all be given masks, and given music to enjoy (1920s style).

Ash must then lead Helen to a quiet part of the house, before giving her a red skull mask to replace the one she is currently wearing, which signifies that she is now dead.

At the end of day one Detective Winston gets to jail one Housemate that they suspect of being an assassin.

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