Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood apologises to Jale Karaturp

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Helen Wood has had a heart to heart with Jale Karaturp in Big Brother 2014.

It follows a formal warning from Big Brother over her latest trashy bheaviour.

Apologising to Jale for the way she has treated her, Helen said this afternoon: I had an argument with you when you first came in, I listened to other people rather than make my own observations.

"I had grown quite close to Pauline but I still should've got my own observations, I know what a tit I can be.

"The more I spoke about you in the Diary Room, I thought 'She ain't f**king done anything to me'."

Helen, who branded herself a "d**k", continued: "I'd have understood if you completely f**ked me off, I'd have been like 'Helen, it's your own fault'.

"If someone treated me like... I won't say like s**t, but I wasn't very nice."

She went on: "I think we speak more than we did do and I'm glad. I've learnt one f**king thing about this house, I am too judgmental."

Jale replied: "I appreciate what you said to me. That means a lot to me, more than you'll probably know."

Meanwhile, in tonight's show, Helen discusses her warning from Big Brother with Steven and Winston and says that she, ‘has to shut the f**k up.’

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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