Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood gets "formal warning" after latest row

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood has been issued with a "formal warning" from Big Brother 2014 after her latest row.

The official warning from Big Brother, issued in the Diary Room on tonight's (Wednesday) latest highlights show followed a huge row between her and Matthew Davies.

Helen had branded him a "f**king skinny c**t”

She later ranted at him in the Garden: "You’ve completely transformed, you turned into a p***y, the other night and you let Toya take your f**king back lash.

"F**king p***y, match up to your f**king description you f**king weed. You're a f**king weed.”

Big Brother told Helen that they had "no choice" but to issue her with a formal warning for "unacceptable behaviour."

BB told her: "You were aggressive in your behaviour towards Matthew. In a heated argument, you stood over Matthew and shouted at him.

Big Brother Summer 2014

"The invasion of a housemate's personal space in this way can be seen was intimidating.

"Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour."

"If you repeat this behaviour again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house."

It followed BB locking her in the Diary Room and refusing to let her out until she calmed down.

Helen replied: "I don't know what's wrong with me... for what it's worth, I'm really sorry."

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It's the second time that Big Brother spoke to her, following another warning from Big Brother over bullying after more than 1,500 complained about her actions towards fellow housemate Jale Karaturp.

In one rant, Helen had branded Jale a “f***** slug” and spat: “She’s an attention seeking b*****d, not real, she hasn’t got a real f**king bone in her body. No ones going to look at her in that light, ever.”

In the Diary Room, Big Brother told her last week: “Big Brother thinks your behaviour is unacceptable and Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour.

“If this type of behaviour occurs again then big brother may have to issue you with a formal warning or take further serious action.”

Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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