Big Brother 2014: Toya A Washington and Marlon Wallen fight!

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Toya A Washington and Marlon Wallen go head to head again on Big Brother 2014 tonight.

It all starts as Power housemate Toya boasts to the housemates about getting the Power to spy on the others and watch their VTs.

She tells them: "We heard everything that was discussed this afternoon. We had earpieces and we had a screen. Every single thing that was said in this house this afternoon when we was up there, we heard everything. Yeah we heard every single conversation, everything that was said."

An unimpressed Marlon tells her: "I’m glad."

"You didn’t say anything interesting," Toya replies.

He quips; "You’re not anything interesting to be talked about."

Not liking Marlon's wit, Toya launches into a rather patronising and egotistical rant about his VT, saying: "Marlon the reason we can’t comment on your VT is because it’s so embarrassing.

"Marlon you want fame, you want validation because all you’re friends are successful. You want a jacket business, you’re just so confused it’s embarrassing."

He replies: "And you’re stable? You’re clearly not stable you don’t know what the f**k you want. Moving on, because you are boring. You are a bore, you are a bore, you are a bore. True colours coming out again, true colours coming out again.

"You can’t physically talk so you go personal, you have no vocabulary. You want to talk personal because you can’t talk the truth so stop chatting sh** because if you want to go personal I’ll rip you apart. Right, exactly, because you haven’t got no vocabulary so you want to go personal. Simple as that you’re true colours are coming out."

Mark interrupts: "The pair of you leave it, you’re never going to be fu**ing best mates, just leave it at that."

But determined to get the last word in, Toya brags about her 'career' (????) and TV show (??????????) before adding: "At twenty two years old I already had a law degree and I already went to law school. At twenty two, works in optics, I mean speaks for itself really."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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