Big Brother UK: Toya A Washington makes Helen Wood cry

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There were tears in the toilet on Big Brother 2014 last night as Toya A Washington confronted Helen Wood.

After getting to spy on the other housemates as part of her Power trip, Toya was quick to tell others what she thought of them.

And taking Helen into the toilet to discuss things, Toya revealed her feelings about what she had seen.

Toya said: “You are so afraid of looking weak in front of people.

"I felt disappointed with you. You allowed them to pit us off against each other.”

She claimed that Helen was being "sucked in" to bitching, telling her repeatedly to "stop it."

Toya explained: “Stop allowing these people to suck you in. Stop allowing people to use you. Stop allowing people to suck you into bitching. STOP IT.”

But Toya's words prompted tears from Helen who felt she was being picked on.

Irony alert...

“No, that’s not me,” sobbed Helen. “Just you saying that is horrible. I wouldn’t do that to somebody.”

The fallout will air on tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.