Big Brother 2014: Toya Washington and Marlon Wallen clash again

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Toya A Washington and Marlon Wallen clashed again in the Big Brother 2014 house this evening.

It followed Power housemate Toya getting to watch the VTs of the housemates and she couldn't resist stirring things up when it came to Marlon's tape.

"It was so embarrassing," she laughed. "Oh God... Marlon, you want fame, validation because your friends are successful, you're just so confused. It's embarrassing."

"Because you're stable?" replied Marlon. "You're clearly not stable. Move it on, you're boring me. You're a bore.

"Your true colours are coming out again. Stop chatting s**t, if you want to go personal, I'll rip you apart."

Toya then hit back with what seems to be her favourite insult, telling Marlon the same thing she told Christopher about not having anything after Big Brother.

She said: "Marlon you need to grow up because you're embarrassing.

"Not only are you are in embarrassment but you have nothing past Big Brother."

Toya, the supposed vlogger who had amassed 100 subscribers on YouTube going into the show, boasted: "When I leave here, I've got a show, a career and things that I do. "

And yet you're on Big Brother.

Bizarrely it was Mark Byron who piped up to shut both of the pair up, saying what we reckon anyone else watching the row will think: "You both sound as bad as each other!"

Watch round two of Toya v Marlon below...