Big Brother 2014: Toya A Washington nominated in HUGE twist

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Big Brother has dropped a huge twist on the housemates that has seen Toya A Washington up for eviction and another housemate saved.

Previously, Ash Harrison, Danielle McMahon, Chris R Wright, Marlon Wallen, Steven Goode and Winston Showan were all up for eviction.

Earlier today, Power Couple, Toya and Matthew, were privileged with the power to spy on their fellow Housemates via their garden Power Pod.

As well as watching their VTs, in the Power Pod was a screen that allows the Power Couple to see what their Housemates are up to, as well as ear pieces allowing them to listen in on Housemates' private conversations, even when they are in the Diary Room.

BB then informed them that they had the Power to save one housemate who was up for eviction.

The pair saved Steven with Matthew saying that he needed "more time" to prove himself and should've been up for the vote.

Toya added: "It wasn't a decision that came easily and it wasn't taken lightly."

HOWEVER in a huge twist, Steven had to then choose either Matthew or Toya to face eviction instead.

He said: "There's a dispute that happened that happened yesterday, and I think that based on that dispute, the person I'm going to pick is you and I hope you understand the reasons behind that."

Toya replied: "It's fine, I know that."

As a result, Toya now faces eviction alongside Danielle, Ash, Chris, Marlon and Winston, as well as both Jale and Christopher.

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Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.