Big Brother 2014: Recap of last night's huge ROW with Toya, Ash, Marlon and Winston

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Here's a recap of last night's BBUK rows for those that weren't up until 3AM watching it unfold!

It all started as Big Brother gathered the Housemates to reveal the results of this week’s nominations which already included Jale (who faces eviction every week) and Christopher (who the power couple nominated on Friday).

Joining them were Marlon, Chris, Ash, Steven, Danielle, Kimberly and Winston. But then Big Brother revealed that the Power Couple had the power to veto three of the Housemates nominations and chose Marlon, Ash and Steven, and as a result Kimberly was saved from the public vote.

Ash didn't quite understand the mechanics of the power veto and asked Toya to explain, trying to be heard above other questions from the Housemates.

Toya told him: "Can you all just calm the f**k down."

However, Ash didn't take too kindly to Toya's tone and neither did Winston and Marlon. The house erupted into a full scale argument which ended with Helen having to take Toya to the bathroom to calm the situation down.

Later, Toya and Matthew admit that they feel like the Housemates don’t understand how uncomfortable being the Power Couple has made them.

The argument between Toya and the boys continued with Winston calling Toya, "a drama queen" and she hit back with: "Stop acting like a barbaric animal, p**sing all over the toilet seat".

The row went on later with Toya calling Marlon a sheep for siding with Winston and Ash, she then told him, "to be a leader and stop being a mouse."

Intervening, Jale asked Toya if she really wants to start World War 3 in the house to which the answer seemed to be yes as Toya reminded the house that she and Matthew are still the Power Couple and warned: "I will f**k them up with the power!"

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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