Big Brother 2014 FIGHT! BB steps in as house in biggest row yet

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Big Brother stepped in to put a halt to a huge row in the Big Brother 2014 house today.

The argument occurred in the early hours following the nominations reveal, which saw a twist.

Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, the housemates nominated as usual and Ash Harrison, Danielle McMahon, Chris R Wright, Marlon McKenzie, Steven Goode, Kimberly Kisselovich and Winston Showan were all up for eviction.

HOWEVER, unbeknownst to the group, power couple Toya A Washington and Matthew Davies had chosen to veto the nominations of Ash, Steven and Marlon. Once their nominations were discarded, Kimberly escaped eviction.

Therefore, as it stands, Danielle, Ash, Chris, Marlon, Steven and Winston all face the public vote, alongside both Jale and Christopher.

Toya and Matthew's perhaps strange choices of whose nominations to veto had previously caused Toya and Ash go head to head in one explosive row and the arguments continued into the early hours.

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After going at it with Ash, Toya ended up clashing with Marlon in the garden.

It all started as Toya told Matthew to "shut the f**k up" from the garden Power pod, while Marlon told her: "All you do is chat s**t, you're fake. You've shown your true f**king colours you p***k."

As Marlon went to get into the Pod to confront Toya, Big Brother called him to the Diary Room as Toya snapped: "Marlon, stop embarrassing yourself."

She then told the other housemates: "What people are failing to understand is that we didn't even get to nominate, so the people in front of you nominated."

With Marlon away in the Diary Room, Toya then moved on attack Winston from the security of the Pod.

"You've shown your true colours," she told the Essex lad. "You have no respect for yourself and no respect for me. Who do you think you are?"

He replied: "You're such a drama queen sitting up there shouting at everyone, who do you think you are?"

After things had calmed down, Matthew - who had escaped almost all of the flack - confided in Toya: "I can't comprehend how Marlon just spoke to you, it's disgraceful you."

Watch a clip of the row below...

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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