Big Brother 2014 ROW! Toya A Washington EXPLODES at Ash Harrison

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It all kicked off in the Big Brother 2014 house this morning as Toya A Washington clashed with Ash Harrison.

It followed the results of this week's nominations, which have seen a huge shake up.

Earlier, housemates nominated as usual and Ash, Danielle McMahon, Chris R Wright, Marlon McKenzie, Steven Goode, Kimberly Kisselovich and Winston Showan were all up for eviction.

However, unbeknownst to the group, power couple Toya and Matthew Davies had chose to Veto the nominations of Ash, Steven and Marlon. Their nominations were discarded and as a result, Kimberly escaped eviction.

Therefore, as it stands, Danielle, Ash, Chris, Marlon, Steven and Winston all face the public vote, alongside both Jale and Christopher.

> Big Brother 2014 nominations: EIGHT face eviction after Power veto twist

When Big Brother announced the news - and twist - to the house, it all kicked off with Ash labelling Toya a "prick" and claiming she had "disrespected" him.

But Toya aged: "Everyone needs to clam the f**k down."

Cheeky Winston quipped: "Whatever Sylvester Stallone."

Toya went on: "Why are you taking it so personally Ash? We're all adults in this room. Ash, let me tell you something, I have never ever, disrespected you. I'm not going to even had a conversation..."

As both Ash and Toya got more wound up, the other housemates stepped in to try and clam things down.

Toya, who was getting more and more worked up b the second, snapped: "You need to clam down! Winston, you need to clam down as well."

She told Matthew: "Don't even explain it. I'm not even explaining it, I'm not explaining myself. "

Now just shouting, Toya continued: "We [Matthew and I] feel uncomfortable! You accused us of saving Kim! You came out of the toilet and accused us of saving Kim."

"Don't talk to me about disrespect because you called me a **** just then."

We have a feeling it might not be the last row of the night...

Big Brother airs continues nightly on Channel 5.