Big Brother 2014: Toya continues Kimberly bitching (despite not nominating her)

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​Toya A Washington has it in for Kimberly Kisselovich on Big Brother tonight.

Despite getting the chance to nominate her as the new Power housemate, Toya didn't have the balls and instead picked on Christopher.

But it didn't stop her bitching non stop about Kim afterwards.

She tells Ashleigh and Danielle in this evening's show about Kimberly's flirting with Steven: "It’s not my business. Me, I don’t really give a s**t, but I actually think he’s a nice guy and I think he could do better than her.”

Later, Toya talks to Ashleigh about Kimberly saying, “people don’t see what you and me see…they don’t see her as a threat”

Meanwhile, Helen Wood and Kimberly are seen winding up Jale Karaturp after Pauline's evening.

The pair are seen 'stealing' a bottle of white wine. When Jale asks for some, Helen pretends that she doesn’t have any and says to the other Housemates, “Now Pauline’s gone, she thinks she’s the alpha female”

BB airs tonight on Channel 5.

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