Big Brother 2014: Toya A Washington proves all mouth, no balls

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Mouthy Toya A Washington lost her balls on Big Brother 2014 last night.

The outspoken vlogger (apparently) was put into Power after telling Big Brother: "I think people really need to understand that it’s a big responsibility, albeit for a few days or a week…it’s still a big responsibility"

But when it came to making a decision, she stumbled.

Despite all the cliche BB catchphrases about 'saying it like it is', Toya failed to live up to her promises.

Just days after slamming both Christopher and Marlon for sitting on the fence, Toya found herself getting splinters in her own bum.

In the end, Big Brother was forced to threaten to put Toya up for eviction unless she made a choice.

And only then, faced with the possibility of an early exit, did she find her balls.

Well, sort of. Rather than nominating Kimberly, who she has targeted all week both in the house and in the Dairy Room, Toya nominated Christopher because she reckoned he wanted to go home.

What a letdown.