Big Brother 2014: Toya claims Christopher is too weak to stay

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Big Brother's Toya A Washington has claimed that Christopher Hall will be "damaged" by the show.

After nominating him for eviction live in last night's show as part of the latest Power twist, Toya had to explain herself.

And she likened nominating Christopher to putting an injured animal out of its misery.

"I think it will damage him," she said. "He's living in a bubble that he doesn't want to burst but it will. He hasn't thought past the show. This is a game show."

She told Ashleigh: "The reason why you can't wait to go is because you have a life after this but for him... For me that's quite scary, that means the day he does have to go he could end being really damaged."

Toya went on: "Plus there are really strong personalities in the house, I don't think he could survive it.

"He's not strong enough. You have to be strong an he's played it all wrong."

But Toya's choice has come under fire from some of the other housemates, most notably pals Mark Byron and Helen Wood.

The pair claimed that Toya's choice was the wrong tactic, explaining: "When they made that decision I went ‘Oh my God!’ It didn’t make sense, if they picked Chris [R Wright], he would’ve gone, we would’ve been fine for another week. They’re our best mates.”

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.