Big Brother 2014: Power duo nominate Christopher Hall (but there's a HUGE twist!)

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Big Brother revealed a huge new Power trip twist tonight that saw Christopher Hall put up for eviction.

Yesterday, a new Power housemate was chosen, this time voted for by the housemates themselves.

Each housemate had one nomination each which was made in the privacy of the Diary Room. They could not vote for themselves nor any of those who were up for eviction.

With four votes, Toya beat Kimberly (three votes) to win the Power.

Following tonight's' Big Brother 2014 results, Big Brother gathered the fourteen remaining housemates to reveal the new Power housemate.

Big Brother then revealed the first twist: She would not be in Power alone, and would be able to choose a second housemate to join her in Power, becoming a Power couple.

Toya said: "I'm going to choose someone who I think we think alike, who I respect a lot and someone who I know will work together. It's going to be Matthew."

As the new power couple Toya A Washington and Matthew Davies had to jointly make a nomination in front of the rest of the group. This housemate would face eviction automatically. Neither Helen nor Jale could be nominated.

As the pair struggled to come to a choice, Big Brother threatened: "If you do not make your decision. One of you will face the public vote."

With that warning, the usually mouthy Toya finally found her balls and nominated Christopher, insisting that it "wasn't personal."

As a result, Christopher will face eviction this week along with Jale Karaturp.

But host Emma Willis then revealed a SECRET twist: Neither Toya and Matthew were safe either and by the end of next week, one of them will also be facing eviction.

Oooh, sneaky BB!

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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