Big Brother 2014 FIGHT! It kicks off over Kimberly Kisselovich's shower with Winston Showan

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A shower turned into a huge row that engulfed the whole Big Brother 2014 this morning.

It all started yesterday evening after Kimberly Kisselovich shared a shower with Winston Showan.

There was nothing flirty about the pair's sharing of the water as both rinsed themselves off following the end of the dirty farmyard shopping task, which had seen housemates have to do all sorts of disgusting tasks including shovelling manure.

A few hours later everyone was talking about the bath time antics as Kimberly found herself in the centre of a Big Brother controversy.

Exactly what was so bad, we're not entirely sure, but Kimberly was getting the ALL of the blame as the likes of Helen Wood and Toya A Washington claimed Winston was not at fault.

"As a girl, I would never have stepped into there," Helen said, claiming that Kimberly's actions made her look like a "tart" and "s**g".

"Girl code," nodded Toya.

As the completely innocent shower turned into a bizarrely big talking point, everyone got their say in.

"What we need to do is give her a little nudge and say 'Watch yourself," Pauline Bennett suggested.

In the end, Helen and Toya confronted Kimberly but she wasn't bothered, pointing out that there was sod all sexual about washing stinky cow poo off your legs.

But Kimberly not giving a care was seeming not the response that Helen was expecting as a heated row soon took over the smoking area in the garden.

Watch the latest house action below...

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