Big Brother 2014: 1,500 complaints over bullying as Pauline Bennett gets warning

Big Brother Summer 2014

There have been more than 1,500 complaints over bullying in Big Brother 2014.

TV watchdog Ofcom has confirmed it is now looking into the huge numbers of complaints, which are some of the biggest since the 2007 race row controversy.

It could see an investigation being launched into the show and broadcaster Channel 5.

Hundreds of fans have also signed petitions calling for Big Brother to step in against bullies Pauline Bennett and Helen Wood.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 wouldn't comment on the complaints but did confirm last night that both Pauline and Helen had been warned about their behaviour in the house over this past week.

Last night we saw a very stern Big Brother caution Helen after hauling her into the Diary Room.

“Helen, name calling, persistent ridiculing and behaviour that results in an individual becoming ostracized from the group are all types of behaviour that can be perceived as bullying," Big Brother explained. “Helen, Big brother understands that it is inevitable that not all housemates will get along and arguments will happen in the house.

“However, Big Brother will step in when it’s felt that behaviour is escalating to individuals being excluded and being the subject of more aggressive behaviour which could be seen as bullying. Big Brother thinks your behaviour is unacceptable and Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour."

Big Brother added: “If this type of behaviour occurs again then big brother may have to issue you with a formal warning or take further serious action.”

The show continues nightly on Channel 5.

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