Big Brother 2014: Toya A Washington threatens to "deck" Jale Karaturp

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There's a Big Brother 2014 fight brewing with Toya A Washington threatening to to "deck" Jale Karaturp.

The claim was made by Toya to Helen Wood during yesterday's flirting task, which involved Helen, Toya, Pauline and Kimberly, together with single lads Ash, Marlon and Steven.

Exactly what went on between Jale and Toya isn't quite clear, but it seemed to stem from a remark she had made about Toya in the task to some of the other housemates.

Stirring it up, Helen passed on Jale's comment (or at least her interpretation of it), with Toya reacting: "I'm going to f**king deck her one."

"She wants you to make a tit out of herself, like she would," Helen replied. "If she's not centre of attention, she's not happy."

"Who the f**k is she talking to about that?" Toya questioned, adding, "She's pissed that she's not center of attention."

Meanwhile, Jale had sneaked into the bedroom wardrobe with Danielle McMahon to bitch about Toya.

"In her mind she just thinks I'm talking absolute s**t," Jale told Danielle. "Whatever's been said to her, she's believed every f**king part of it.

"I just expected more from her because I liked her."

We sense it all kicking off very soon!

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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