BB 2014: Toya A Washington, Helen Wood confront "bitch" Christopher Hall

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There was a show down in the Big Brother 2014 house this afternoon and Christopher Hall was the focus.

But despite us seeing the likes of Pauline Bennett, Helen Wood and Toya A Washington constantly bitching about Christopher all week, it was they who claimed he was being two faced.

And of course, it was all just about the chicken incident between Pauline and Jale Karaturp once again.

Toya and Helen claimed Christopher was wrong for backing up Jale against Pauline, particularly because he had waited for a quiet moment to talk to her rather than clash in the kitchen in front of everyone.

"I just think you need to feel more comfortable with saying how you feel about people," Toya told Christopher. "You do generally have a vocal opinion, you just chose not to say it to people."

While Christopher tried to defend himself, Toya went on to accuse him of being a gossip.

"You don't feel like you go from person to person?" she asked.

Helen backed her up: "I feel sometimes that you might be going person to person to person, reaping in bits of information."

But Christopher hit back: "I chat to people, but everyone seems to think I'm gossiping about other people.

"When can you say that I've come over to you and I've bitched because I never have."

Helen continued: "Well, you seem really uncomfortable.

"There are little groups and yous seem to dart from group to group because.

"I've watched you because I've been trying to suss out if he's a bitch or trying to cause trouble."

Christopher explained that he was feel uncomfortable but only because of the way he's been treated by the other housemates.

"I've walked into rooms now and its gone completely silent. It's been horrible," he said.

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