Big Brother 2014 housemates: Toya A Washington profile

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Meet the latest Big Brother 2014 housemate Toya A Washington, a 29-year-old vlogger from London.

You wouldn’t want to cross her and her favourite motto is "don’t come for me unless I send for you"

When an ex-boyfriend mistreated her she auctioned his possessions on eBay and sent him the link to purchase the items. She then gave the money to charity

She loves being self-employed because she isn’t a 9-5 kind of girl and says if she was to work a job like that it would be like ‘caging an animal’.

Toya is passionate about ‘myself and staying true to who I am. I was not created just to make everyone else happy as long as I’m honest that’s all that counts’.

The kindest thing that Toya has ever done was invite a boyfriend to live with her after he had nowhere to go but ‘he took advantage so I kicked him out’.

She thinks that her best personality trait is that she is very direct and that means that people always know where they stand. Her worst traits are that she has no tact or patience.

Toya thinks her friends would describe her as ‘hilarious, honest and direct, with no nonsense’.

She has a type of men, preferring strong alpha male types. ‘I will not be dealing with short men. I like beards but well-kept beards and I don’t like skinny men who need a belt for their jeans.

Toya says she doesn’t often get in to fights because she was bullied. ‘I’m not physical but my mouth does it for me’

She isn’t ruling out love in the house but says that the guy has got be ‘really special for me to give him some attention’.

She feels she would make a ‘good time girl’ housemate and would be the ‘fun one that is always laughing’.

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