Big Brother 2014: First pictures of the house (from above!)

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Here's an exclusive first look at the Big Brother 2014 house... or at least, what's built of it.

In these aerial shots taken from above the Big Brother compound in Elstree (apparently by someone who still owns a Nokia 3210), we see a rather space ship style house taking shape.

Big Brother bosses have already teased that this year's bungalow will have a futuristic look although as this tiny glimpse of the house from above shows, there's still a lot of work to do.

While we can't have a peek inside, outside at least we see the walls of the large garden have been coloured with silver paint and there are more mirrors than ever, all part of the new space-age feel to the house.

Panels of glass doors line the garden with a Big Brother 9 shard-style design.


There's still lots of work underway with builders tools, scaffolding, planks of wood and tables scattering the outside area.

But we can see some new grass and what looks to be a pool where the vegetable patch used to be in last year's house.


It's all starting to take shape and it's making us rather excited for launch night.


Meanwhile, outside of the house, the giant eye stage remains along with the cat walk, steps and now iconic rotating eye, ready for a new bunch of housemates to walk in launch night next month.


There's already a glamorous red carpet waiting for them!


Assuming the BB guard dogs don't get to them first, we'll be sending our flying mole back over the house soon once building work is complete (this time with a bloody better camera) so expect more exclusive teasers soon.

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We'll have a full gallery of shots online later today!

The show begins in June on Channel 5.