Celebrity Big Brother shock! Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan break up

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In the least shocking reality telly news of the day, Celebrity Big Brother love birds Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan have split.

Frankly, we didn't realise they have even been together for this long.

Unfortunately for Lee it seems that the break up is far from amicable with Jasmine today branding him a "screw-up" who needed "a year in rehab".

"He told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. But behind the candelabra everything about his life is bad," she said today.

The US model explained "Being in a relationship with him was emotionally draining. I couldn’t get a word in edgeways as he talked about how his career was on the rise.

“Lee genuinely thinks Blue are No1 in the charts, are as big as One Direction and he has the appeal of Harry Styles.

“He cannot accept his career is going nowhere. It is tearing him apart and he needs to get help.”

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she added: “Deep down he knows his career is pretty much over and he is lashing out. Blue know it is over. They want to keep touring, but have no label.”

However a spokesperson Lee hit back at much of Jasmine's claims.

“Lee was kind enough to welcome Jasmine to stay at his home when she told him she didn’t have anywhere else to stay," they said. “Lee’s first and foremost priority is the wellbeing of his children and anything or anybody else comes secondary to that.

“Lee could not travel out to America as much as Jasmine would have liked him to due to his commitments in the UK.

“He hopes Jasmine finds what she is looking for and wishes her the greatest happiness and success in her aspiring acting career.”