Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Casey Batchelor still wants to be close to Lee Ryan

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Casey Batchelor is hoping to still be close friends with Lee Ryan despite all of the drama on Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

The model still hasn't watched back exactly what went on in the house, including clips of Lee in the Diary Room and with Jasmine Waltz that she's not seen.

"I want to leave all the c*** in there, take all the best points," she said this week. "On the last day we saw a montage of all the pictures, and there was so many high points compared to low, and a lot of those high points were with Lee."

Casey continued: "We'll be friends, I hope we can be friends. I'll be upset and hurt [when I watch it back], but he's a good guy, we get on so well.

"I do want to be friends with him because it's an experience you share with someone that you'll never get to experience again"

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Casey went on to reveal that the pair had only met up "briefly" since the end of the series last Wednesday.

"I spoke to Lee briefly, but I was with my dad," she explained. "We were kind of at one end, and Lee was over on the other. I think he steered clear.

"My dad wanted to stay away, so I didn't really see him much."