Big Brother 2015: 7 brilliant tasks we (still) want to see back


With Big Brother 2015 just days away from starting, we take a look at seven brilliant tasks of series past we want to see back this year...

Box task

The box task was so simple and on paper it should've been really boring: The housemates have to sit in cardboard boxes. The one who stays in the longest wins a prize. Arguably it was the housemates, rather than the boxes themselves, that made this task but it was brilliant either way and we'd love to see it back in some form.

Ignore the obvious

A more recent task, there have already been spins on the Ignore The Obvious challenge in some series but the original still remains the best and we'd love to see it back. Who knew that watching Marcus Bentley eat a jaffa cake would be so enthralling?

ignore obvious


Having first appeared on Big Brother 9, the Electrocution based tasks have always proved fun but bosses seemed to get a bit addicted to the shock suits, seemingly using them at every opportunity at some points. We want to see the Electrocution task back again but not just for the sake of it this time.

Sing 'em a song

Housemates were banned from talking and could only communicate through singing. Cue: Hilarious and fascinating results.

Learning first aid

WAY WAY WAY back in Big Brother 2 - when the show was still very much a 'social experiment' - housemates had to learn first aid. While it was a more serious than fun task it produced some real highlights and we'd love to see it used again.

Say yes

Another shockingly simple task: Housemates have to say Yes to everything Big Brother asks of them. It gave us poor Alex having to get spray tanned over and over again which was one of the highlights of the series (and arguably the only thing Alex did during her time in the house).

alex spray tan

Room 101

Big Brother's at his best when he's up to no good and the Room 101 task was a brilliant piece of telly: One housemate had to spend the week completing disgusting tasks on their own under the belief that their fellow housemates - who were actually living in luxury - were doing the same. Poor Maxwell.

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