Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Casey Batchelor 'smitten' with Lee Ryan

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Casey Batchelor has admitted she's 'smitten' with Lee Ryan following the Celebrity Big brother 2014 final last night.

Casey was the first out having finished the show in sixth place with the fewest votes of the final housemates.

When interviewed by Emma, she asked: “How does it feel to be out now?”

Casey replied: “I’m the only model that has made it to the final”.

Emma continued to question Casey about whether she had been prepared for the experience: “No it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done” Casey answered.

Emma continued to question Casey on the CBB ‘love triangle’, to which Casey replied: “The thing is with me I was smitten by Lee I liked him, not no more though…we were cuffed together and spent 24 hours together… it’s like 20 days so it feels like a lot longer. We get on really well; we really have great banter, that’s when the initial attraction started”.

When questioned about Jasmine, Casey responded: “When I was in bed I could see them holding hands. He kissed me one night and then her next”.

Casey ended by the interview with the final words: “I’m going to be stronger; I’m never going to let someone hurt me again”.

Celebrity Big Brother will return on Channel 5 in the summer.

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