Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Ollie Locke insists he has no game plan


Celebrity Big Brother's Ollie Locke has said he has no game plan in the house.

The Made In Chelsea star insisted he really just is that nice and inoffensive, unfortunately for us fans of the show.

Luisa Zissman confronted the E4 reality star yesterday and told him: "I did think for a long time you are the way you because you've got a game plan to win."

She confessed to him: "I said in the Diary Room, you'll see what I said, I was always like no one can be that nice and want everyone to like him."

Ollie replied: "I swear on my mother's life I don't have a game plan. That's not my thing, that's just how U go by in life, I don't getting into s**t."

Luisa told him: "I don't think that [you having a game plan] is true, but I did think that for quite a long time."

But she warned him: "You can't let people walk over you."

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of this evening's house highlights below...

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