Celebrity Big Brother 2014 results: Lee Ryan angry with Casey Batchelor

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Lee Ryan has admitted he's not too happy with Casey Batchelor following his eviction from Celeb Big Brother.

Lee, who was voted out of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 last night had the fewest votes to win in the final vote after lines were frozen in yesterday's penultimate live show.

Speaking after his exit today, Lee revealed: “If I’m honest I don’t know if I’ll stay in contact with Casey."

After (trying to) defend his actions in the Casey-Jasmine love triangle last night's chat with Emma Willis, Lee continued: "I’d love to think that we could be friends, but actually from the way she acted today [Sunday], I don’t know."

He explained: “I feel like I was really up front with her at the back end of it. I was saying to her, ‘I just want to be friends.’

“She was quite full on. I don’t know if you saw that, but I found it quite difficult and probably gave in a bit too easily.”

Lee is instead hoping to try and win back Jasmine after his antics with Casey last week.

“I’ve got a lot of explaining to do and I just hope she can put all this behind us and start afresh. I genuinely do like her and I’ve always said that," he said. “Meeting Jasmine it was the first time anyone’s ever given me butterflies. The way she looked at me turned my world upside down."

Taking to his Twitter feed last night after leaving, Lee wrote online: "Well there you go. Even the best roller coasters come to an end. Thanks for a the support and good wishes. It’s been fun..! #CBB"

Lee's exit leaves Jim Davidson, Luisa Zissman, Sam Faiers, Dappy, Ollie Locke and Casey Batchelor in the house ahead of the final.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues nightly with the final on Wednesday evening from 9PM on Channel 5.

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