Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Casey Batchelor's mum warns her to stay away from Lee Ryan

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Casey Batchelor's mum has warned her to stay away from Lee Ryan after a visit to the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Over the weekend housemates must ignore the obvious in a new task which has seen Big Brother cause all sorts of chaos.

Yesterday morning Big Brother installed a giant grandfather clock in the living area and told the group they must freeze whenever they hear the bell toll, no matter what is happening around them.

Housemates are only allowed to move again when they hear the second clock toll else will be punished.

After the surprises yesterday which included Lee's Blue bandmates, Ollie's dog, Sam's mum and Jasmine Waltz all entering, today saw the drama continue.

Casey's mum was the first to surprise the group as they were frozen in time this afternoon.


She told her: "You're doing so well and I miss you so much. I'm so proud of you."

But she warned: "Listen to me carefully, keep away from Lee. Honestly, he tells you one thing and then behind your back he tells housemates another.

"When he's in the Diary Room, he says you get on his tits and you won't leave him alone. He's mugged you off you can do this by yourself, you don't need anyone else. You don't need help from anybody.

"I'm watching it on the outside and I see everything that's going on. Now enjoy yourself, have fun."

Casey's mother also thanked Jim Davidson for looking after daughter following yesterday's house drama, saying: "I think you're a very nice gentlemen."

After Casey's mum had left and the housemates could move again, Lee quipped: "I don't think your mum is the biggest fan of me."

The task will air on tonight and tomorrow night's highlights shows on Channel 5.

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