Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan gets punished over Jasmine Waltz's return

lee in the diary room

Lee Ryan is set to be punished by Big Brother over Jasmine Waltz's return to the house.

Yesterday, housemates were set a task to freeze every time they heard the clock toll.

A giant grandfather clock was put in the living area and would sporadically ring. When the clock rung, housemates had to freeze completely and become human statues.

Housemates were to ignore any surprises and stay frozen in order to win the task. Housemates could only move again when they heard the second clock toll.

Yesterday, the following people entered the house whilst they were frozen:

1. Blue - Blue entered the house singing One Love. Housemates successfully stayed frozen.

2. Sam’s Mum (Sue) - Sue entered the house to talk to Sam. Housemates successfully stayed frozen.

3. Ollie’s mum, sister and dog (Sarah, Amelia and Evie) - Sarah and Amelia brought in Ollie’s dog and spoke to Ollie. Housemates successfully stayed frozen.

4. Jasmine Waltz - Jasmine entered the house and confronted Lee and Casey over their behaviour since she’s left. Lee unfroze and spoke to Jasmine.

As a punishment for unfreezing when Jasmine entered the house yesterday Lee will be called to the diary room and be punished. Big Brother will teach Lee a lesson on how to remain frozen.

The task continues today with more surprises although we're not sure how they can top yesterday's drama... perhaps with a secret eviction?

Highlights of the task will air tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

Browse pictures of the task below...

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