Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Linda Nolan 'self-harmed' in the house

Linda Nolan (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemate Linda Nolan has claimed she self-harmed in the house.

And in true Linda fashion, just like global warming and world poverty (probably), it was all Jim Davidson's fault.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper today: "I've self-harmed in the past and I did it in the house. I hadn't done it since 2012.

"But that's what Jim's behaviour made me do. He made me feel the need to do it again."

The 54-year-old told the newspaper that Jim bringing up her late husband in one of their numerous arguments left her depressed in her last week of the show.

"After Brian died I selfharmed for more than two years Back then I was very low and went through periods of feeling very suicidal," she said. "The only reason I went back to that dark place was because Jim brought me there by bringing up what happened."

Nolan singer Linda claimed: "Jim reminded me how much I miss my husband.

"He reminded me Brian wasn't going to be there to put his arms around me and make everything okay."

She continued: "He said it to cause a row and then denied he'd even said it. That's the kind of person we're dealing with. It was stooping to the lowest point.

"He knew it would get to me. When he apologised it made me feel sick. He can't be sorry for it because he knows he shouldn't have said it. It's unforgivable."

Meanwhile, Linda confessed that she found being booed during her exit on Friday night "upsetting", but said she wasn't going to hide her true feelings.

"I was horrified by the crowd reaction. It was upsetting. But I was true to myself," she explained. "I can close my eyes at night because I know I've been honest.

"If the public hate me for that, there's nothing I can do."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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