Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan defends himself as Casey Batchelor cries


The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates have turned against Lee Ryan tonight.

It all followed the brief return of Jasmine Waltz to the house as part of a task earlier yesterday afternoon.

During her come back, Jasmine attacked both Casey Batchelor and Lee and the aftermath has continued to rumble on all night.

Casey was reduced to tears by Jasmine's rant at her in which she claimed the Nuts mag model "threw herself" at Lee as soon as she was evicted.

“As a girls’ girl I want to let you know how embarrassing you look and how really, really badly you’ve come across. It’s looked extremely desperate," Jasmine said.

And she told Lee: “This might be a game to you but people have real feelings."

Sobbing in the toilet after Jasmine had left, Casey confided in Luisa and Sam she was worried about how she was being seen by viewers.

"I care about my embarrassment and how I look," she admitted.


Lee meanwhile tried to defend his actions after being accused of playing both girls.

"I've told Casey I don't want a relationship... with anyone," the Blue singer insisted. "Seeing Jasmine kills me, I ain't going to lie. I mess about with Casey and we're fun, we flirt with each other... but I'm not with her. "

Lee continued: "I've never spoken to Casey the way I do with Jasmine. We laugh and mess about but it's all tongue in cheek.

"She's [Casey] is under no illusion, I'm not leading her on. I've been straight up and so honest. We have fun and that's all it is. It's just messing around, banter.

He concluded: "This place is a headf**k."

However his other housemates weren't convinced.

Sam said: "Casey does have feelings for Lee and he shouldn't have played along with that. It's not fair."

Luisa was more upfront, confronting Lee with her thoughts: "You need to be man enough to turn around to not get into bed with her and not kiss her. You can't do that Lee, you can't play with people's emotions.

The task and fallout will air on this evening's latest Celebrity Big Brother highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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