Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz returns to the house!


Things got awkward in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house this evening as Jasmine Waltz made a surprise return.

A surprise to the housemates at least as we all figured it was coming sooner or later.

Jasmine's return was part of this weekend's task where housemates must ignore the obvious in order to win rewards and avoid punishments.

Earlier today Big Brother had installed a giant grandfather clock in the house and the group freeze whenever they hear the bell toll, no matter what is happening around them.

Big Brother will be sending a number of surprises into the house whilst the celebrities are frozen, which they must ignore in order to win the task.

Housemates are only allowed to move again when they hear the second clock toll.

On entering the house this evening, evicted housemate Jasmine went straight to confront Lee and Casey who were sat on the sofas but could not speak without failing the task.

After Jasmine left and the housemates could speak and move again there were tears with Casey going straight to the toilet sobbing before being comforted by Luisa.

Meanwhile, Dappy and Ollie offered Lee some words of advice while Jim quipped: "At least for once none of this is my fault."

Later, Jim also tried to comfort Casey with a chat in the treehouse lodge while Luisa took a no nonsense approach to the problem with Lee.

The former Apprentice candidate remarked: "Lee, you've got two girls who like you. God knows why..."

lee casey jasmine

Other surprise entrances in the house throughout today have included Lee Ryan's Blue bandmates.

Antony Costa, Simon Webbe and Duncan James walked into the house singing one of the group’s classic hits, with Duncan even giving Luisa Zissman a cheeky kiss on the lips.

TOWIE's Sam Faiers got a shock when her mum appeared while Ollie Locke was in tears as his mum, sister and pet dog also entered.

The task will air on Sunday night's Celebrity Big Brother highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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