Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 22 highlights and recap


Day 22 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house saw two tasks and an eviction.

Housemates are waking up to another eviction day.

In the living area, housemates spot a large camera as part of the #Selfies task. Big Brother tells housemates that as they have been without with social media for so long, it’s time for a day of celebrity selfies. All housemates are called for their first group selfie.

Jim is asked to ‘pucker up’ with the housemate he thinks is the fakest, he picks Luisa.

Luisa explains to Jim that she has, ‘the energy of a duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein’s.’ She goes onto say that she doesn’t care if people don’t like her.

The most attractive male housemate must now pose with the most attractive female housemate in beach wear. Casey shouts, ‘Sam and Ollie!’ Housemates agree it’s Lee and Casey, Lee disagrees and says Ollie is the most attractive. Lee and Casey set to get ready. Casey runs out in her bikini, Jim jokes, ‘that’s brightened up a dull day!’

Housemates who prefer N-Dubz to Blue should now pose in a selfie. Ollie, Jim, Dappy and Luisa take part.

Luisa is asked to pose in a selfie with the most spineless housemates, ‘where’s Ollie?!’

Luisa should now pose with the two housemates she would have nominated if she had of been allowed, she picks Dappy and Jim.

Sam is then asked to have a selfie with the housemate she most fancies, she chooses Ollie.

Dappy and Jim are talking in the garden. Dappy thinks that either Jim or Sam will win, Jim thinks it will be Dappy, ‘that would be a dream come true.’

Lee and Casey are cuddling in bed; they agree that they both give ‘good cuddles’.

Ollie is giving Sam a back massage in the living area. Sam tells Ollie that she has never ‘farted in front of anyone’.

Words of Wisdom task begins where housemates talk to Jim about their thoughts on the house, Jim heads to the Lodge. Linda refuses to take part.

Casey is first up; she tells Jim she is really happy. She explains that her and Lee have become really good friends and doesn’t know what will happen with them outside of the house. ‘If something happens then it does! Lee makes me happy!’

As part of the task, Sam tells Jim that she has genuinely enjoyed spending time with Ollie, and that they’ve never kissed or shared a bed, ‘it’s not a showmance’.

Luisa tells Jim that she doesn’t care if she’s not liked by people. Jim tells her that if it wasn’t for her ‘brick wall she would be a best friend and girlfriend’. She tells him she is not a people pleaser and is a contradiction, ‘I say one thing and do another.’

Lee is up next to talk to Jim. Jim thinks Casey is in love with Lee as he brings her alive. Lee replies, ‘I’m confused; I wear my heart on my sleeve!’ Jim jokes, ‘thank god you have two sleeves!’

Finally, Dappy explains to Jim that he has realised he’s a really sensitive person. Jim tells Dappy that he’s really looked after him.

To conclude the task, Jim tells housemates that the house will be happier when they all stop arguing and thinks the mood of the house is positive and good. Housemates clap.

Its eviction time, Linda is concerned to hear boos, Luisa reassures her that she is liked.

Emma announces to the house that Linda is the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After Linda’s eviction, Emma tells the house that they have all made it to the final. Housemates cheer. (This is in fact a lie, there will be another eviction tomorrow night before Wednesday’s final).

Luisa is upset as she wanted to see her daughter, ‘I didn’t think I would be in here for this long.’ Housemates lift her mood, they all hug.

In the garden, Casey tells Ollie and Sam all believe Jim will win.

Dappy is changing his trousers in the bedroom, Luisa comments, ‘look how big your willy is!’ Dappy tells her he is good at sexing. The pair laughs.

In the living area, Luisa tells Jim that he has been rude to her and she has never had a man speak to her like that in her life. Jim explains to Luisa that she has made him not feel good in the house. She apologies, he jokes, ‘the ice maiden has melted!’

Housemates are getting ready for bed; Casey and Lee are in the toilet together with the taps running.

It’s bedtime; Lee and Casey are sharing a bed. Luisa jokes, ‘I see movement over there! Lee Ryan you are very very naughty! Casey Bachelor you are very very naughty!’ Casey replies, ‘my hands are here!’ Casey tells Lee to stay still.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9:30PM on Channel 5.

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