Celebrity Big brother 2014: What did Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor do in the toilet?

Casey in the diary roomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor sneaked into the Celebrity Big Brother bog last night for a private moment.

But just what the pair were up to is anyone's guess.

Using a combination of running water and a hair dryer (which sounds like a accident waiting to happen), the pair covered up the sound of whatever was going on.

Casey told him “Right let’s stay here for a little bit..."

Lee replied: "I’ll just take my wee wee..."

A minute later and they emerged giggling and laughing, before ending the night kissing and cuddling up to one another in the same bed.

In last night's highlights show we saw the pair have a moral dilemma over their flirting as they cuddled in bed.

Lee said: “Everyone is gonna be looking at me like I’m a w**ker.

“There going be like ‘what a w**ker’ and they’re gonna be looking at you like you’re a f**ing div.”

“No, I can’t stay here,” Casey told him.

Lee suggested: “Friends cuddles.”

Casey insisted: “As much as I want to I can’t stay here, you know I can’t.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Watch Casey and Lee in the toilet below...

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