Celebrity Big Brother UK results: Jim Davidson 'sad' about Linda Nolan leaving

Jim does laundry in the bathroomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Jim Davidson has admitted he's sad to see Linda Nolan out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Linda became the fifth to be evicted from the show last night and despite her rows with Jim, he insisted he was upset by her departure.

"She wanted to stay, so I'm sad she's gone, that's genuine," he told Dappy.

However there was a but, "a big one" to use Jim's own words.

Jim explained: "I didn't know Linda very well. We started off in a position that was difficult to reprieve but I tried my best.

"She just didn't like me, it's as simple as that.

"The reason for her dislike is a mystery. I touched on a nerve but I shouldn't have done. It was a mistake, after all, we're all human."

Speaking during her exit interview, Linda had told Emma Willis about her relationship with Jim: “Jim and I were both fine until Jim had a drink one night and then he became what I said. He’s a game player. He says one thing to your face then another behind your back, and he does it to everyone. The housemates put him up every week.

“Jim went to a really low place in our argument by bringing in my husband who is dead. I lost my husband and he went below the belt and that’s what the whole problem was.”

But she insisted: “I don’t hate Jim. I don’t like him. I won’t be his friend when I leave the house and I’m sure he’s the same. That’s fine.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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