Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 21 highlights and recap


Day 21 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house saw the five nominated housemates go head to head in a new task.

Linda apologises to Ollie about their conversation last night following Ollie’s speech to the housemates.

Luisa is in the Diary Room reflecting on her argument with Ollie last night. Luisa continues to laugh about Ollie’s “embarrassing” speech.

Dappy apologises to Linda for nominating her.

Lee and Jim are talking about the upcoming eviction. Lee tells Jim that he thinks Luisa will be evicted.

Ollie is in the diary room talking about Luisa and Linda. Ollie calls Luisa ‘malicious’ and tells Big Brother that he regrets not nominated her.

Luisa is talking to Sam and Linda about Ollie and claims that he really wants to win. Luisa says that she doesn’t care if people don’t like her in the house.

Dappy is in the Diary Room reflecting on Luisa’s “sexist” comments.

Luisa confides to Lee about being upset that she and Dappy are not talking.

Jim, Ollie and Dappy are talking about Ollie and Luisa’s argument last night.

Dappy and Lee are comparing their Twitter followers.

Luisa apologises to Ollie and tells him that she just has a ‘piss taking sense of humour’.

Lee does a finger puppet show.

Ollie and Dappy are talking about Luisa and how her apology was not enough.

Casey is asking Lee whether he likes ‘big boobs’ or ‘small boobs’.

Housemates take part in the Campaign task.

Lee, Jim and Dappy are talking about Luisa and Ollie’s argument last night. They believe that Luisa will be evicted.

Ollie and Luisa are talking about their argument in the garden. Luisa tells Ollie that he can’t live his life being the ‘victim’, Ollie claims that he felt like a victim in last night’s argument.

Linda is in the Diary Room talking about Jim and how he won’t be evicted due to his “so called fan base.”

Luisa is telling Casey that she knows that Casey and Lee kissed in the Bolthole. The conversation then changes to Jasmine and how she’s a ‘fun’ and a ‘free spirit’.

Dappy and Luisa hug and make up. Luisa tells Dappy that he should stop hanging around with Jim all the time.

Casey and Lee are cuddling in the bedroom. Casey teases Lee about wanting her to stay in his bed. Lee tells Casey they shouldn’t sleep in the same bed, so Casey gets into her own bed to sleep.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs this evening at 9PM on Channel 5.

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